YouTube/AdSense On Account Suspension Rampage

For the past five years or so, YouTube has been suspending accounts/ channels at a dizzying pace. YouTube help page states that when your account is suspended, or terminated you will be prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating other accounts.


This causes a lot of inconvenience for many at times, your channel will be disabled, your comments may be deleted, and everything from your videos, playlists and subscribers will be made private, i.e. unable to be viewed by the world, at least at the initial stage.

I have been using YouTube for quite sometimes now, and I am aware of many reasons why they suspend an account. There a point I completely stopped posting content because YouTube/AdSense suspended my account which did put my business on the rope and it was a complete disaster.

Whenever your account is suspended or terminated; you will receive a brief email detailing the specific reason for the suspension, or just general reasons. This article discusses some of these most common reasons that get a YouTube/AdSense Suspended;

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1. Repeated violation of community guidelines

One among the main reasons your account will be suspended is the severe violation of their community guidelines. These guidelines clearly state that you shouldn’t abuse the site in any way. For instance;

a) Nudity and sexual content

YouTube cannot be used and should not be used to post sexually explicit contents or any form of pornography. So if your video has such content, then it’s most likely doing to be suspended. Videos that are also age restricted depending on the act in question is also not be allowed on YouTube.

However a video with sexual contents may be allowed, if its primary purpose is to educate, or its documentary, scientific, or it’s not gratuitously graphic. Violent or gory content intended to be disrespectful, or very sensational will get your account suspended or even terminated. So if your videos describe the above, make sure you provide enough information to help understand its actual purpose.

b) Spam and scams

No one like spam and YouTube guidelines clearly states that you should not in any way create misleading titles or thumbnail to increase views. So the title you create should match with the content of the video; otherwise, your account will be suspended. Anything that artificially increases views, be it, likes, comments, unsuspecting viewers will likely violate spam policy. Do not post a large amount of unwanted or repetitive contents like comments, since this is also a violation of the policies. If you are uploading a vlog or a review, choose appropriate metadata, one that won’t confuse viewers. This is particularly important to those who want to post viral videos and current events.

c) Dangerous content

There is a line to posting harmful content on YouTube. Any post that intends to incite involvement in illegal or dangerous activities will get your YouTube/AdSense Suspended. For example, content that has instructions on how to make a bomb, or some kind of choking games, or hard drugs, or any other act that can lead to mass or individual harm. Of course, at the educational level, such content may be used but not to an extent that incites others to commit violence or threatens other people.

2. Account dedicated to the policy violation.

Although YouTube is a platform for free of expression, they do not support content that condones contents with hate speeches, harassment, or impersonation of any form. Hate speeches include content that promotes violence against an individual or race, religion, disability, age, or gender identity. Posting content that promotes hate speeches or harassment will ultimately get your account terminated or suspended. However, YouTube community guidelines outline what is and what is not considered as a hate speech. Be keen when posting such content, and if your content is meant to criticize a nation, for instance, make sure it doesn’t cross the line.

3. Content that infringes copyright

Always respect copyright before you post anything on YouTube. Any content whether music tracks, poems, artistic works, photographs should have authorization from the owner. There are certain circumstances however that the law allows you to use copyright materials without getting permission from the owner. You will probably need to seek legal expert before uploading contents that have copyright-protected materials because some of these contents will ultimately lead to your YouTube/AdSense Suspended. If you receive a copyright strike, it would be advisable to obtain the license for use of content in question before you submit a dispute through YouTube.


4. Repetition of violation of the terms of services.

Any act that violates the terms of service on YouTube will definitely get your YouTube/AdSense Suspended or even permanently banned from YouTube. The terms of services are clearly stated in the community guidelines on YouTube help page. For instance, think about creating a fake account. If you create a fake account, to increase views, this will be considered as a gross infringement of the terms of services of YouTube, and you will be banned. As noted earlier, threats, harassment, intimidation, and incitement to illegal acts or to commit violence is also a way of violating YouTube terms of service. Be cautious, because YouTube is very keen to observe any suspicious violation on their guidelines. A simple violation such as using more than one G-mail ID will lead to suspension. If you get three strikes from YouTube, your channel will be banned, so always make sure what you have in your account or channel is unique.

5. Inappropriate content

As noted above, some contents are considered inappropriate for a particular age, or for everyone. Such content might not necessarily violate the community guidelines or even the term of service. If you notice that your content is offensive or inappropriate, locate the flagging feature and submit it for review from YouTube and they will determine how appropriate it is, and they may remove it rather than suspending your account.


It is always imperative that you use YouTube with dignity and without malice or false representation. Don’t just agree with the policy without knowing what it entails because this can cause a lot on inconvenience in the future and might get your business or services on the rope.

I always find people claiming that they were suspended unfairly, but I have noticed that YouTube is very keen before they do that and any if any sign of violating the above-noted factors will lead to suspension.


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