YouTube & AdSense Account Suspended For Suspicious User Behaviour

I have been running my own YouTube channel and blog for many years and I used AdSense to monetize my traffic.

I did not make millions but I made around $4-5000 a month, which was enough to live, travel the world and escape the rat race.

Two weeks ago I received a notice from Google AdSense that my account has been banned. The real shock was when I logged into my YouTube account found that Google had suspended this account as well.

I was devastated at how was it possible that everything I’d built over so many years could be gone overnight. I just didn’t understand why Google AdSense did not give me any warning or notice that I was in violation of any terms and conditions. And when I read the AdSense suspension in more detail I noticed that they were stating that that clicks I received on my website or blog where unusual – they called it unusual click behavior.

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As far as I understand what Google AdSense is telling me – they claim that I used fake traffic to boost my AdSense for revenue. This is not true. I never did buy fake traffic and neither did I click on my own ads, because I was aware that Google is using very advanced algorithms to detect fake traffic and for clicks on their ads.

There is always the possibility that there might have been a competitor or someone else who did not like my blog or videos and who purchased some cheap fake traffic to basically destroy the business.

As far as I understand the situation, my Google AdSense account has been suspended because of allegedly fake traffic being sent to my blog. However, even my blog and my YouTube accounts are separate. Google still also decided to suspend my YouTube account as well which I think is highly unfair because there were never any fake views on my YouTube account. Why take everything away instead of just disabling AdSense for my blog?

I tried to get in contact with AdSense so many times without being very successful. I feel like Google is treating me like dirt, basically; as soon as you are branded as a fraud they will never give you a chance to prove them wrong.

How can it be that if someone wants to harm your business or even destroy it entirely, it can do so because Google assumes that the traffic to my site must have come from myself?

This issue is especially affecting small and medium blogs and YouTube channels, because if you have 100,000 visitors on your blog every day then 1000 fake views would not get your account suspended because it is still in a margin of error. But let’s say you have 10,000 visitors every day and somebody sends you 1000 fake visitors – it’s as if 10% of the traffic is fake on that day, which means that Google AdSense will instantly ban and suspend your account forever.

I believe that there should be a fair appeals process put in place by Google to allow suspended YouTuber’s or AdSense users to have their account suspension evaluated by an independent third party.

I feel that Google AdSense has treated me very unfairly. If you had your AdSense account suspended, please leave a comment below and share your story with us.


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