Why Does Google Ban So Many YouTube Partner Accounts?

YouTube has not only become the leading video sharing platform, but it has also developed into a great way to make money online.

Monetizing your videos online is now thanks to YouTube right at your fingertips.
In order to keep YouTube a clean video-sharing platform where advertisers like to spend their money,  uploaded videos have to be checked for their content to ensure they adhere to YouTube’s community guidelines.

Naturally, not all YouTube partners follow those rules, which have led to demonetization of videos or even in some cases to account suspensions.

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Here are some of the most common reasons why YouTube terminates partner accounts:

1. Abusive and inappropriate comments

YouTube as a platform promotes equality and transparency hence it’s against the community guidelines to leave abusive comments.

Some YouTube partners try to get their competitor’s content banned or removed by falsely reporting accounts. When YouTube notices such violation, they risk being banned from YouTube for falsely flagging content.

2. Infringing on intellectual property rights

Since some of the content shared on YouTube has been uploaded without the owner’s permission, YouTube has no other choice to suspend those channels.

Intellectual property right violations are treated very seriously since it could also get YouTube into legal issues. Therefore they are very strict such violation may automatically lead to a YouTube partner account ban.

3. Fake views

YouTube’s algorithm favours videos gaining views fast after the video has been uploaded. That’s why they are very strict when it comes to users trying to trick the system.

All users have the opportunity when using YouTube and they must be creative to attract real and genuine views.

Therefore creating fake views to gain profit or popularity isn’t accepted by YouTube and can lead to a suspension.

4. Creating fake accounts.

Every YouTube account created must not be used to spread fake news or fake comments. When you create fake YouTube accounts with malicious intention, you risk getting banned from YouTube right away.

5. The type of content provided.

By being one of the largest video sharing platforms online, YouTube has implemented many good measures to create a clean entertainment space for all ages.

YouTube has to screen every video in order to ensure that no inappropriate content is shown to minors.

Therefore posting age-restricted content that violates the community guidelines is unacceptable. When such a violation is detected, YouTube will ban this account right away in order to ensure the integrity of the site.

Following the community guidelines for the use of YouTube is therefore paramount for all the YouTube partners. If your YouTube partner account has been suspended, there might be still a chance to get your account reinstated, depending on the suspension reason.

However, if the violations have been serious it might make sense to focus on opening a new clean account and learn from the mistakes made with the banned account.

If you had issues with your YouTube partner account, leave a comment below and share your story with us.





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