My Around The World Trip Stopped Because YouTube/AdSense Suspended My Account

The possibilities of the Internet were a quickly growing opportunity to thousands of people. I also found my way online to a world of monetary return and enjoyment. After working a job for several years, I decided to find my own freedom with the use of the Internet.


I decided to quit my job and travel around the world. While doing this, I picked up a camera and began to film the experiences that I had, finding the stories that were unknown to the rest of the world. It was the perfect set up to begin working my way into a fun and exciting way to make a living.

Through You Tube, I found a way to begin building my world travels, creating short documentaries, stories and creative projects. Placing them on You Tube with ads at the beginning or end of the film brought in monetary return. Over time, this began to finance my trips, allowing me to live freely, making a living as a freelance videographer. The videos, with the number of hits received, would continue to accumulate with the amount of money that I made from the monetized videos. I was able to instantly tap into a source of funding while continuing to provide stories of my travels to the world.

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I believed that this particular job was one that I could carry with me indefinitely. Until YouTube decided to change the rules. I woke up one day to realize that my account was gone. It had been blocked from adding or uploading videos. All videos that I currently had were no longer available to the public. I was unable to receive monetary funds or place any other items online. I was also unable to change into another account. Everything I had created from my travels was simply gone and erased from the online world as well as from my account.

Thinking that there must be some mistake that I could rectify, I tried to get in touch with someone from You Tube. This was impossible at first while I found that there was not a lot of help available and not people that could be contacted. When someone was finally on the other line, they didn’t know what happened. When they pulled my account up, they stated that my You Tube account was banned and could not be replaced. They did not tell me why and any time I tried to re-post or place something online, I was immediately blocked.


After this problem with You Tube, the traveling stopped. I could film my travels but did not have anywhere to post or have a return in income. The followers that I had as well as the monetary return was gone. I was stuck in a distant world with a video camera and a dream that had been destroyed because of the new regulations, changes and decision to delete and ban my You Tube account.

Now, traveling around the world, working in filming and discovering new possibilities is a distant dream, becoming an impossible reality with no way to compensate for the option. Once again, I am at the beginning of trying to find a way to live and to make money because of the sudden change that You Tube decided to make.



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