Most Common Reasons YouTube Partners Get Suspended Or Banned

Since its inception, YouTube has been closing down or suspending accounts that violate its policy guidelines.jkne12If you are unlucky to have your account suspended or banned, you won’t be able to access, own or open other YouTube accounts. I have been using YouTube, and I understand exactly why they sometimes have to close people’s accounts. A while back my business suffered heavily when YouTube decided to suspend my account.

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They sent me an email explaining clearly why they had to close my account. Therefore, consider this an expert’s opinion on why YouTube may ban or suspend your account:

Inappropriate Content 

It is important you take care that the content you are publishing on your YouTube channel is not inappropriate. Inappropriate content could be porn content, hate speech, and etc. In case you suspect that the content could be inappropriate, or that it could fray the moral sensibilities of a majority of people, then it will be wise to flag it and submit it to YouTube for review. That will be better than risking a ban or suspension.

Harmful or Dangerous Content

If you are fond of posting content that is harmful or that may put other people’s lives at risk, then your account will certainly get suspended. There is a clear provision in YouTube’s terms and conditions that prohibit users from publishing content that incites people to violence or threatens the safety and security of any people.



Often a time people create click-bait titles or thumbnails with the sole aim of unfairly increasing views. That is clearly against YouTube’s policy guidelines that frown at any action that seeks to increase views, comments, and likes inorganically. Should you violate this policy and YouTube finds out, then most certainly you will get a ban or a suspension. Therefore, ensure that the titles or thumbnails are always consistent with the content of the video to avoid an unnecessary suspension.

Despite the fact that YouTube recognizes and protects free expression, it also endeavors to protect all people who might be exposed to annoying or unsettling publications.

 Breaking YouTube  Rules

If you repeatedly violate YouTube terms of services, and after warnings, you do not correct the problem, then you risk your account being banned for good. Therefore, it is important you read and understand their express terms of services and policy guidelines so as to stay on the safe side always.


 Using Copyright Infringing content 

From the word go, desist from publishing any content if by so doing you’ll violate copyright. Copyright infringement is such a serious offense, not just on YouTube, but also in the civil world. Many countries have stringent intellectual property laws that prohibit – and lay out penalties- for copyright violations. However, it is worth noting that there could be some select instances you have leave to use copyrighted content without necessarily having to fetch the permission of the owner. But to be on the safe side, it is imperative you seek the counsel of an intellectual property attorney before doing anything that may be interpreted as violating copyright.


YouTube will not ban or suspend your account if you haven’t done anything inconsistent with its policies and terms.

They carefully consider all factors before deciding to ban or suspend any account, therefore, it is incumbent upon you to use the platform responsibly, abide by the set regulations, and you won’t incur any penalty.



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