Most Common AdSense Mistakes

Google AdSense is proven to be very strict about handling their policies. Since it is already difficult to obtain AdSense approval, it is imperative to use your AdSense account responsibly to avoid getting banned altogether.


Many users often make common mistakes, either knowingly or unknowingly, that can severely jeopardize their account reputation and eligibility. Once banned from AdSense, it is very difficult to get reinstated, and so it is crucial to pay careful attention to abiding by Google’s policies.

  1. Adding too many AdSense Ads to your website


Some AdSense users will place too many ads on their web pages in order to increase their AdSense earnings. According to Google, this is a violation of the rules since Google states that users should not place more than three ad units on a page. Violating this rule can easily get you banned from the site. Sometimes, a third party may attempt to sabotage your account by performing illegal clicks on your ads. In this case, it is important to report this activity to Google and disable AdSense in order to halt this suspicious activity and avoid being banned.

  1. Fraudulent clicking

Many AdSense users aim to generate as many clicks on their ads as possible, sometimes going as far as violating policies to increase their AdSense revenue. Violation of Google’s policies include clicking on your own ads, asking other users to click on your ads, generating fake clicks, and tweaking the code and text to solicit the number of clicks on your ads. These invalid clicks can easily cause your account to get banned.

  1. Having copyright infringing content

Another common mistake that Google regulates is posting stolen or copied content onto the web page. This applies to not only text, but images, photographs, and graphics used without permission from the original creator as well. AdSense users that produce duplicate or plagiarized content will likely have their account banned by Google. 


  1. Posting prohibited content

AdSense prohibits advertisements from being placed along with content that is considered prohibited by Google. This includes but is not limited to posting or linking to pornographic, violent, racist or pirated content. Hosting these types of content or placing ads on those web pages may cause Google to disable your AdSense account.

  1. Using multiple AdSense accounts

Creating multiple AdSense accounts is clearly stated in Google’s guidelines to be strictly prohibited. Even if you have multiple websites that use AdSense, you only need ONE account as a publisher. Therefore, you cannot create another AdSense account if you already have an existing one. Trying to deceive Google into allowing you to create multiple accounts will undoubtedly get you banned entirely from the site.

Google AdSense monitors its users’ use of their services very carefully, and so it is especially critical to be aware of their policies and regulations when using your account.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure that you will be able to safely navigate your use of the site without the possibility of being banned.



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