How To Monetize Your Channel And Become A YouTube Partner

The YouTube partner program

In 2005, YouTube made available their partner program to everyone. This service enables content creators to make money from views of their videos.

This step was welcomed positively by the public but has also presented a couple of challenges. The biggest challenge has been disputed rotating around ownership of videos; in that, some users are trying to make money off from content that is owned by movie companies and record labels.

How to become a YouTube partner

1. Find out if you are eligible for the program: in order to qualify for the program, the YouTuber user has to be of the age equal or above 18 years. The YouTube account should also have attracted a minimum of 10,000-lifetime views. Persons under the age of 1 8years can pick a family account which involves permission a parent or guardian over the age of 18 years.

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2. Enable the monetization status of the YouTube account. The monetization option can be found under the channel tab, under creator studio.

3. Read and agree to the terms of the service. 4. Choose your monetizing options

5. Click on a monetize my video’

6. Wait for approval by YouTube.

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