How I Got Kicked Out Of YouTube

We all know that YouTube is the is the place to be if you want to publish Videos online and make some money on the side. oihasdf

I used to be a professional vlogger on YouTube. A vlog is a combination of a blog and a video. I filmed everything that happened in my life, the good things and the bad things. People loved to see my videos and I loved to make videos. I became a YouTube Partner and started to earn money with my videos. Every-time someone watched my videos, I earned a little money for it. My YouTube channel were growing and I starter to get really popular and earned more and more money. I started to travel around the world, I wanted to see the world. Also other famous YouTubers invited me to their place to make a video together.

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YouTube and everything around it became my passion, my life. Every day was a day full with filming or traveling. I traveled all around the world, have seen the most beautiful things. People said in the comments that they are jealous because I had such a luxuries life. I would be jealous too, I guess. Even when my subscribers are jealous, they still where always so nice to me. Those nice comments always were a good motivation to keep on filming. I had a good life, with only joy and fun moments.

One day I noticed that I couldn’t get in my account anymore. All my videos where removed and I didn’t know why. I just burst out in tears, I didn’t know what to do anymore. YouTube removed my account just out of the blue, I didn’t know why. Everything I had was gone in one day. I don’t have any fun in my life anymore. I’m not made for other jobs, only vlogging is my passion and my life. I took the chance to start over again, I decided that I want to take the risk again even if it could mean I loose everything again.

I’m thankful for the things I have seen and the things I have experienced. But I am not giving up easy. I will find a way to get back what I lost and start vlogging again.


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