How Google AdSense Destroyed My 5K/Month YouTube Business

I have been a YouTube partner for the last several years. I made decent money from the YouTube ad revenue share scheme until they suspended my account.

YouTube has suspended and banned my channel indefinitely without any warning. Google claimed that I would purchase fake YouTube views to increase my AdSense YouTube revenue.

I have never in my life purchased any fake views for my YouTube channel. I would never do anything to jeopardies my main source of income.

I tried to appeal the decision of having my YouTube account disabled/banned without any success.

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I have been a digital nomad for many years, I’ve been traveling throughout Asia and South America and really enjoyed this kind of lifestyle. Having my YouTube account suspended basically meant I would need to find a way to make money again on YouTube or I would have to back to a regular job and become a 9-5 slave.

I tried to open a new YouTube account and start over with a new channel but it did not take more than 1 day until my new YouTube account got suspended again for ‘circumventing the system’.

I believe the real reason so many people had their YouTube Partner account suspended is because YouTube got into trouble with many advertisers, who complained that their Ads show up some cases in videos with controversial content.

I agree in the past YouTube didn’t really care about the content and gave YouTuber’s a lot of freedom in uploading anything they liked without getting their account suspended.

However, now it’s the opposite, YouTube is scared to lose more advertisers so they have become very strict on which videos they allow to be monetized.

At the end YouTube and Google I have a lot of power censoring all kind of content which I believe is actually not something a private company should be allowed to decide.

People only seem to wake up very slowly to the fact that we have given way too much power to a very small number of tech companies. Amazon, Google (YouTube) and Facebook control every aspect of our daily life. Tech companies create with their own terms and conditions which are at end law’s that apply to people around the world. If you are in violation of any of those rules your account will be suspended indefinitely. If you upload a video on YouTube which is in violation of what YouTube considers appropriate content you not only would get to your YouTube account suspended but also you would not be able to watch videos on your tablet or computer when you are logged into that account.

Governments need to crack down on those tech companies and create a legal framework to limit their power on our daily lives. Those tech companies need to be regulated in order to ensure our freedom of speech.

Did your YouTube AdSense account get banned or did you ever feel that your opinions for content you published had been censored? Leave a come below and share your story with us.


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