Google Doesn’t Want YOU To Make Money From YouTube Or AdSense

She is simply known as Melissa, or the “Comedy Gal” has a fans call her. Just like most people, she could make videos about comedy and games.


She wanted to make money on YouTube. However, it is now not possible after her account was banned two months ago. She was banned from AdSense, which is an advertising service used by majority of the YouTubers to earn money.

The news didn’t make sense to her ears considering she was on vacation in Bangkok, Thailand. Every year, she travels to Bangkok city saying her appetite for the city is not yet over. Over the years, she had built a large fan base with over 700k, subscribers. In the year 2012 she became proud owner of a new home. She stopped making the videos herself and employed two copywriters. “I could pay my copywriters about $4000 each per month.” She says. She says that even her copywriters thought she was overpaying them. “They will do the videos as I enjoy travelling across the world.” For the last 8 years, she has travelled to different countries including China, UAE, Brazil (World Cup 2014, Thailand, Kenya, South Africa (World Cup 2010), Israel, Australia, England, Italy, and Chile. She would move from one country to the other.

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Over 60-percent of the money she made from video monetization went to trips. The other amount went to savings and charity. Travelling was her dream. She notes that things really change fast, and indeed faster. I got an email that my AdSense account was banned. It was the thing that most shocked her. She is yet to know what exactly led to the ban. Google has not explained to her. She contacted YouTube from her hotel room in Bangkok and this is the statement she got:

“If we find out that an AdSense Account poses risk to the experience of individual users or our advertisers, we can disable the account in order to protect health of our network. If the decision to suspend the Adsense account is deemed to be an error by the publisher, the publisher is free to appeal in order to have the account reinstated. The accounts are reinstated on case by case basis.”

She had to return back to US. She had to appeal, but she didn’t know anything that would have caused the ban. She was filled with confusion, considering the amount of money and time spent in creating the videos. She is now banned of making some money without any good reason.

She had never encouraged any of her friends or family members to click the advertisements so that she can earn money. “I had thousands of subscribers; I didn’t need help of friends or family to get some clicks. In fact, they even do not know whether I even own the channel.”

She said. “My copywriter and video editor were professional and knew that it is violation of terms and policy to click on the ads. That was it, my dream dead and now I am running a small restaurant.



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