Does AdSense Ads Affect Your Rankings?

I did some tests with my existing websites to see how AdSense might have an impact on Google search result rankings.

The site I was using for this test ranked pretty well, for a medium competitive keyword. Roughly 5% of the blog was dedicated to display AdSense ads. The first 4 weeks nothing happened, after 8 weeks the ranking slightly dropped. After the drop in rankings the site went straight to the number one spot in Google.

I did a second experiment with a site which ranked for a keyword I was not able to monetize, so I was willing to sacrifice this site to the Google gods. I added a lot of ads, this time around 15-20%. I have to admit that blog started to look horrible. There were ads all over the place. Within the first month the sites lost 2 positions on the Google search result page. After the 5th week the site completely disappeared from the index. Google gods have taken my offering.

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This test was in no way scientific. The drop in rankings could have been caused by many different things, such as an Google algorithm update

However, I still believe that too many AdSense ads on your blog will have a negative impact on how people perceive your site as well at the end how G ranks your blog.

Having the AdSense code present on your blog means you give Google a lot of information on how visitors behave. If G sees that your visitors don’t really stick, Google might punish your site.