AdSense/YouTube Ban Solution?

Your AdSense/YouTube account got banned, you created another one, and then you got suspended again. I have been there. Thousands of Google accounts get banned unfairly every month. You are certainly not alone.


I used to make a good living with the money I earned from YouTube/AdSense. Until I got banned, I thought it was a safe and secure way to make money. Only after I got suspended and I did some researched online on how people got their Google account disabled did I realize how easy it is to get kicked off the AdSense network.

I tried several times to open a new Google account without success. It never took more than a couple of days until Google disabled the account again. Google uses very sophisticated methods to make sure people who had been banned before never get back on YouTube/AdSense.

I am really glad I came across this ‘AdSense Ghost’ guide written by Peter Bergmann. If you are seriously looking for ways on how to set up a new account in a legal and ethical way, you should check out his guide.

Do not underestimate Google. If you think you can easily create accounts without them tracing you down, you’re probably wrong. Here’s the thing: whether you like it or not, you are leaving a so-called, footprint every time you connect to the internet. These footprints of yours are then traced by companies such as Google to disable your account again. It’s easy for them to do that.

Peter Bergmann, the author of ‘AdSense Ghost’, has a very clear understanding of the sneaky methods Google applies to suspend new accounts. Actually, what Youtube/AdSense usually does is to use your old account to trace your new account. You will get all the information and help you need on creating new Google accounts and avoid being tracked down. Bergmann also gave me personal support via email, as I am not that good with computers. It never took him longer than 12 hours to reply to my emails.

I have been back on YouTube/AdSense for more than 1 month now. I am very thankful to have my business back. I kept a copy of Bergmann’s AdSense Ghost report on my computer, and I also opened a second  ‘emergency backup’ account, so the next time Google should decide to suspend my account for no reason, I am prepared.

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6 thoughts on “AdSense/YouTube Ban Solution?

  1. I got a similar account banned email for each and every Google account I used to make money with. I have since lost all access to AdSense. The news caught me totally unprepared and I am yet to come terms with loosing my main source of income. I am basically very disappointed how I got treated.

    For your information, I have been grossing around $30K every quarter for 3 years with AdSense. My last actual earnings report which displayed my comprehensive earnings from AdSense was last month where I was exceeding an income of only $10K for the last quarter.

    Generally my earnings from Google AdSense have been consistent in their hundreds of thousands until recently when the cycle broke. My gross income from Google Adsense has now declined to only a few dollars from their initial hundreds of thousands. To make you realize the gravity of the situation, my AdSense account earnings have collapsed. Did What led to this unfortunate occurrence?

    Did AdSense suspend my account?

    Google sent me an ambiguous computer generated message which sought to inform me that they were shutting down the account I have on Adsense due to click-fraud (???) Google did not bother to explain any detailed reason what caused the account suspension.

    Frustration and confusion drove me to seek clarification and reversal of the AdSense ban by Google but other sources have informed me that my efforts are wait of time.
    The blogs I have established receive high quality traffic from search engines and I can say this with confidence  that I never bought any traffic packages for my sites.

    I have been a loyal Google Adsense advertiser and I have never experienced any problem of this nature. I think the problem is that Google has recently reviewed its policies or terms to justify such an action. This seems to have been a trend of late as there seem to be some many AdSense bloggers getting shut down. 

    Other webmasters I have talked with who have had the similar experiences think Google turned into some very evil cooperation. Google got greedy, they don’t really car anymore about small AdSense advertisers. 

  2. I recently paid a Done For You business
    that advertised $100 in payouts in the first 30 days or your money back. I didn’t see how they could do that, but figured with the guarantee I’d have nothing to lose. (I’d of actually been pretty thrilled with even $25 the very first month.)

    Well, I did have something to lose: My account.

    I learned after the fact that what these people who make such guarantees do is media buys to drive arbitrage traffic. The POS site that made me, in no way was going to rank for the competitive KW it was supposedly optimized for (with massive duplicate traffic, or bad spinning, depending on the post.)

    On of the first days, I went to log into my account and I got a notice that there is no account associated with that address. I had been in there every day for a week and then one day, it’s just gone.

    Weird thing is Adsense did not send an email with a form letter informing me of the bad news. So I’m making a stink with the company that got me banned, saying the very least they can do is to refund the money I gave them, and they are saying they don’t believe me because ads are running on that site.

    I’m telling them ads may be running but I have no account and I did nothing to get myself banned, as I had let my other sites go years ago.

    It seems like they may be open to a refund if I could provide them evidence that I was banned, but I have no email and I know of no way of getting in touch with them to get one from them. And that company is adamant that Google doesn’t show ads on sites once they have banned them.

  3. AdSense destroyed my business. I really don’t know what to do anymore. I just hope I can open a new AdSense account soon. They just treated me like criminal. I really hate those $&!#!!% at Google.

  4. So many have done something that has triggered the red flags within Google and eventually banned their Google Adsense Account. My account was banned when I accidently clicked on my own ads… TWICE!!! I was devastated because I was expecting over $700 and instantly it was gone.

  5. Thank you for your review. I was unfairly banned from Adsense. It was such a nightmare.

    A competitor in my niche decided to buy 10 000 visitors targeting my website. After AdSense banned my account because of unnatural click behavior.

    I told Google about my misfortune, but they did not even responce.

    I am glad I found this AdSense ebook. It worked for me.

  6. Thank you for this AdSense Banned review. I can imagine how you felt when you were banned. Good luck with business!

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