Beat AdSense Ban – eBook review

It has been a month now that I opened a new AdSense account and until today (‘touch wood!’) I am not AdSense banned. The method applied by Peter Bergmann in “Beat AdSense Ban” seems to work quite well. I am still surprised by the sneaky methods applied by Google AdSense to ban users.

I think the worst part of being AdSense banned is that you lose control of the situation. Suddenly all your business depends on some retarded customer service agent. In 99.5% of cases they will just decline your AdSense banned appeal without even looking at your individual case.

The information inside this book put me back into the driving seat and back into control. Even if for some reason AdSense should decide to ban my account unfairly again in the future, I know what to do to get AdSense unbanned.

I liked the easy to follow step by step guide inside the book and how the information is structured . I think even my mom would understand the process how to get her AdSense un-banned if she would need it.

I did not like the price, it’s not cheap. At the same time if I think how much I make with AdSense every day, it’s worth the investment.