Alternatives to AdSense

Google AdSense is NOT the only way to monetize your website. There are other ways and so don’t get frustrated if you were prohibited by Google to promote products on website. Guess what? You can earn as much as you want, if you are only eager, even without the help of Google AdSense.

How’s that? Well I would guess you have heard of Affiliate Marketing since you know AdSense, but if not Affiliate Marketing is a way of making money online through selling products of a company and you get commission on each sale you generate and sometimes the commission is as high as 75% of the sale price. I just want to make it clear that Affiliate Marketing is not a pyramid scheme or whatsoever. It’s a legal and a good way to earn money online. People who promote the products are called ‘affiliates’ or sometimes ‘partners’.If your bread and butter comes solely from the Internet, I would guess and say that most of his earnings comes from Affiliate marketing since it’s really a quick way to generate income.

Did AdSense/YouTube ban your account?
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How would you do it without Google AdSense? It’s so easy, you can do affiliate marketing through your existing websites and promote your choice of products. It’s so simple that anybody can do it. Or you can also have another option, which is the pay-per-click where you get paid each time a person visits your website and click on the product.