AdSense Trap

My biggest dream was to make money online and leave my 9-5 job behind me. I wanted to be free, there is nothing more amazing to be able to work from any place any time you want to. I spend days researching on how to make money on the internet.

I came across a bunch of ideas, articles, tips and advices but the one who caught my eye is about the blogging.

I started to make my own blog. I paid someone to write articles for my blog to make sure my visitors will comeback. After few months I discovered about the Pay-per-Click (PPC) and I start to wonder how it works.I did more research and I discover that if someone visits a website or a blog and click on an add, the site or blog owner can earn money from that add. Once again it caught my attention and I told myself that I should try it out. I was looking for reliable and trust worthy ppc add company, at the end I chose Google AdSense.

Did AdSense/YouTube ban your account?
AdSense insider reveals a little-known technique on how to get your banned account back online - and how you can easily and safely open a new YouTube/AdSense account.

Google AdSense is the leading pay-per-click providers online. I was happy about it because I am thinking that Google AdSense can help me make money with my blog. But my dream was destroyed within days. Because I got an email stating that Google AdSense had banned my account. I used to show Google AdSense ads on my blog just for a couple of days before I got banned.

I was really angry because I lost everything. Months of work building up that blog turned out to be a waste of time. I didn’t know AdSense can destroy people even it is not physically. I mean that was the source of my income and they took it from me. They took my job which paid for my food, rend and car.

Google AdSense had let me down and my expectation from them was destroyed. Because of them I have to start all over again but I can’t right now because I invested all my money into that blog. But I hope I one day I can go back again and make my dream come true.

I won’t budge easily, I have to be wise on everything I do and be more careful. But hope is still in the air, I know someday it will happen.