I was victim of ‘Click fraud’ attack

I use AdSense for many years and I was shocked when they banned my account without giving me some kind of warning. Google AdSense accuses me of click fraud. What is click fraud?You commit click fraud when you buy any of those “traffic packages’ e.g. 1 million clicks for $200usd. Even the most retarded online newbie knows that this will get you banned from AdSense.

I had a look at my traffic stats in Google Analytics and Google is right my traffic does look unnatural over the last days.  In this sense they were right to ban my AdSense account.

I believe one of my competitors decided to harm my business, and purchased a “Traffic booster” package  and targeted my website. His goal was to get me AdSense banned. What he successfully achieved. I tried to explain the situation to AdSense support, however, they refuse to unban my account.   As I am not able prove that somebody really did a click fraud attack on websites.Normally those people who sell ‘traffic boosters’ targeting online marketing newbie’s,  who don’t realize that this is worthless traffic generated by botnet’s. You might get some clicks for your AdSense website, but you also will get AdSense banned in less than 24 hours.

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I believe it should be illegal to sell any kind of traffic booster services, as they are just useless and can be used as weapon to harm the competition. Companies processing online payments just should stop taking payments on behalf of those dodgy companies.

This  AdSense ban is costing me 300 – 400usd a day in lost revenue I would normally generate. I tried Yahoo Publisher and BidVertiser to replace AdSense. They both work good. The issue with Yahoo and BidVertiser is that their Ads are not as ‘targeted’ as with AdSense. My Ads revenue is down by 50% – 60% compared to the time before I was banned from AdSense.

I also tried CJ.com affiliate network, I made some affiliate sales, which I am very proud of. However, I am having the same issue. The affiliate’s payment I am receiving is lower compared to the time before I was unfairly punished with an AdSense ban.

I wish there would be an “real” alternative to AdSense, but there does not seem to be any. AdSense just has a very high number of advertisers, which makes their Ads so much more targeted than Yahoo or any other competitor. We all know, well targeted Ads convert al lot better than regular Ads.

I will continue to find a way back on AdSense. I am sure it must be possible to open an new account with them without getting AdSense banned again.


4 thoughts on “I was victim of ‘Click fraud’ attack

  1. yes you are right somebody wrongly click on my account .and google disable my acoount.i file review appeal but the cant work they never gave a reply.

    we respect google policy but google think why we click on our ads for going to banned.

  2. My own AdSense account ended up being banned as well. This simply sucks. Why could they possibly do that to me. I have to aquire a working account again. I don’t know how, but I am sure I will find a way. No other online internet marketer and also advertisement system converted so well.

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