How YouTube Unfairly Disabled My AdSense and YouTube Partnership – How To Appeal

I’d heard stories about how YouTube can be unfair to creators and ban or disable accounts for no good reason but I never thought it would happen to me.

I had a small gaming channel which I’d been running for just over two years. In that period I’d managed to gain over 5,500 subscribers and I was making some extra pocket money from the YouTube Partner’s program. Continue reading How YouTube Unfairly Disabled My AdSense and YouTube Partnership – How To Appeal


Why Does Google Ban So Many YouTube Partner Accounts?

YouTube has not only become the leading video sharing platform, but it has also developed into a great way to make money online.

Monetizing your videos online is now thanks to YouTube right at your fingertips.
In order to keep YouTube a clean video-sharing platform where advertisers like to spend their money,  uploaded videos have to be checked for their content to ensure they adhere to YouTube’s community guidelines. Continue reading Why Does Google Ban So Many YouTube Partner Accounts?

AdSense/YouTube Ban Solution?

Your AdSense/YouTube account got banned, you created another one, and then you got suspended again. I have been there. Thousands of Google accounts get banned unfairly every month. You are certainly not alone.


I used to make a good living with the money I earned from YouTube/AdSense. Until I got banned, I thought it was a safe and secure way to make money. Only after I got suspended and I did some researched online on how people got their Google account disabled did I realize how easy it is to get kicked off the AdSense network.

I tried several times to open a new Google account without success. It never took more than a couple of days until Google disabled the account again. Google uses very sophisticated methods to make sure people who had been banned before never get back on YouTube/AdSense.

I am really glad I came across this ‘AdSense Ghost’ guide written by Peter Bergmann. If you are seriously looking for ways on how to set up a new account in a legal and ethical way, you should check out his guide.

Do not underestimate Google. If you think you can easily create accounts without them tracing you down, you’re probably wrong. Here’s the thing: whether you like it or not, you are leaving a so-called, footprint every time you connect to the internet. These footprints of yours are then traced by companies such as Google to disable your account again. It’s easy for them to do that.

Peter Bergmann, the author of ‘AdSense Ghost’, has a very clear understanding of the sneaky methods Google applies to suspend new accounts. Actually, what Youtube/AdSense usually does is to use your old account to trace your new account. You will get all the information and help you need on creating new Google accounts and avoid being tracked down. Bergmann also gave me personal support via email, as I am not that good with computers. It never took him longer than 12 hours to reply to my emails.

I have been back on YouTube/AdSense for more than 1 month now. I am very thankful to have my business back. I kept a copy of Bergmann’s AdSense Ghost report on my computer, and I also opened a second  ‘emergency backup’ account, so the next time Google should decide to suspend my account for no reason, I am prepared.

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How To Monetize Your Channel And Become A YouTube Partner

The YouTube partner program

In 2005, YouTube made available their partner program to everyone. This service enables content creators to make money from views of their videos.

This step was welcomed positively by the public but has also presented a couple of challenges. The biggest challenge has been disputed rotating around ownership of videos; in that, some users are trying to make money off from content that is owned by movie companies and record labels. Continue reading How To Monetize Your Channel And Become A YouTube Partner

How Google AdSense Destroyed My 5K/Month YouTube Business

I have been a YouTube partner for the last several years. I made decent money from the YouTube ad revenue share scheme until they suspended my account.

YouTube has suspended and banned my channel indefinitely without any warning. Google claimed that I would purchase fake YouTube views to increase my AdSense YouTube revenue. Continue reading How Google AdSense Destroyed My 5K/Month YouTube Business

AdSense Account Ban Nightmare

Last week or so, I got a very depressing email that my Google Adsense account has been banned.


Everything linked to the account was completely shut down, even my business accounts. This means I won’t be able to that access the account anymore. To be honest, the news hurts, and till now I have not been able to understand why I was banned, still digesting the news. Anyway, I will try to share my experience with you, just in case you think you are alone if your account has been banned. Continue reading AdSense Account Ban Nightmare