YouTube/AdSense Account Suspended Unfairly

I’m a full-time YouTube creator and I have more than 120,000 subscribers on my channel. However, YouTube recently started to crack down on YouTuber’s like they never did before.

In many cases, videos of mine were demonetized even without telling me and in many cases unjustified.

I understand that YouTube started to get scared when many big brands started to boycott YouTube because some of the advertisements which showed up on racist content.

I totally agree it’s unacceptable that people with content that is disrespectful to others are able to monetize their videos.

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However, I have no understanding when YouTube is demonetizing videos, which follow all the rules set out but YouTube or AdSense 100%.

But my problems with YouTube started to get dramatically when ads revenue drop significantly every month.

I also had some jealous YouTubers who sent several DMC requests to Google and tried to take down some of my videos even all the content was produced by myself and I only use third-party videos on fair use bases. I never included more than five or six seconds from other content producers in my videos.

The real reason for those DMC takedown requests was that the other YouTuber did not like that I am uncovered some of his scams. So he used those DMC requests to censor my videos.

And the worst part of it is that he actually succeeded and suspending my YouTube account as well AdSense account.

Where I see a major issue is that the past we used to have courts and we used to have some kind of justice to some level. But nowadays many decisions in our daily lives are made by major cooperation’s because they have a monopoly in their field.

Amazon controls around 80% of all the commercials online, YouTube is responsible for more than 90% of all user-generated videos shown online.

So I believe it is time for our politicians to start to control those monopolies and don’t allow those corporations to get away with their shady behavior.

My YouTube and AdSense account got suspended and I am banned for life to ever open a new YouTube account again.

I’ve believed that my YouTube account suspension is unjustified and that I should have been given a fair appeals process. YouTube used to be my main source of income and I’m devastated that it is so easy for somebody else to just take it away from me.

Getting in contact with Google or YouTube is already difficult. But if you really manage to contact them you’ll be even more disappointed because all you will receive is some pre-written email template which in many cases doesn’t even related to your actual case. I could notice that the person who replied my message had no understanding of that unique circumstance that has led to my YouTube account being suspended.

If your YouTube account or AdSense account had been suspended as well please leave a comment below and share your story with us


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One thought on “YouTube/AdSense Account Suspended Unfairly

  1. Hi,
    My youtube channel was recently terminated, citing the ridiculous “violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.”
    I was at a loss because I had done nothing wrong, and after filing several forms on youtube, I received an email where they were saying I violated “section 4H.
    This section has to do with spam practices or using robots, spiders, or other automated systems to gain views, subscribers, etc. ”
    Obviously I had never done that in my life, I wouldn’t even know how to. I appealed the suspension but received an email within 20 minutes so I’m sure it was an automated one and nobody actually read it.
    Now I’m desperate as I worked for about 2 years and had 99.000 subs on my channel and I don’t know what to do.
    Can anybody help ?

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