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Most Common AdSense Mistakes

Google AdSense is proven to be very strict about handling their policies. Since it is already difficult to obtain AdSense approval, it is imperative to use your AdSense account responsibly to avoid getting banned altogether.


Many users often make common mistakes, either knowingly or unknowingly, that can severely jeopardize their account reputation and eligibility. Continue reading Most Common AdSense Mistakes


Google Doesn’t Want YOU To Make Money From YouTube Or AdSense

She is simply known as Melissa, or the “Comedy Gal” has a fans call her. Just like most people, she could make videos about comedy and games.


She wanted to make money on YouTube. However, it is now not possible after her account was banned two months ago. She was banned from AdSense, which is an advertising service used by majority of the YouTubers to earn money. Continue reading Google Doesn’t Want YOU To Make Money From YouTube Or AdSense

My Around The World Trip Stopped Because YouTube/AdSense Suspended My Account

The possibilities of the Internet were a quickly growing opportunity to thousands of people. I also found my way online to a world of monetary return and enjoyment. After working a job for several years, I decided to find my own freedom with the use of the Internet.


I decided to quit my job and travel around the world. While doing this, I picked up a camera and began to film the experiences that I had, finding the stories that were unknown to the rest of the world. It was the perfect set up to begin working my way into a fun and exciting way to make a living. Continue reading My Around The World Trip Stopped Because YouTube/AdSense Suspended My Account

Why Did AdSense Ban My Account?

I have been blogging for more than 12 years. I started back in 2002. At this time barely anybody made a living from blogging.


I started really small. Just added some posts to my travel blog once or twice a week.

When I began blogging I just wanted to share my passion for traveling with the rest of the world. It was never my intention to make money with Google AdSense. Continue reading Why Did AdSense Ban My Account?

Reader’s Stories – How AdSense Ban Almost Distroyed Me

I am running a travel blog. Over the last couple of years, I was able to make 1500 to 2000 usd a month only from AdSense. However, last week without any warning my AdSense account got banned.


I posted almost daily new articles on my blog and was able to gather a large following. I was living my dream; I could travel to all that exotic countries, explore new places and share those stories and photos on my blog and even get paid for that. Continue reading Reader’s Stories – How AdSense Ban Almost Distroyed Me

AdSense Trap

My biggest dream was to make money online and leave my 9-5 job behind me. I wanted to be free, there is nothing more amazing to be able to work from any place any time you want to. I spend days researching on how to make money on the internet.

I came across a bunch of ideas, articles, tips and advices but the one who caught my eye is about the blogging.

I started to make my own blog. I paid someone to write articles for my blog to make sure my visitors will comeback. After few months I discovered about the Pay-per-Click (PPC) and I start to wonder how it works. Continue reading AdSense Trap

Does AdSense Ads Affect Your Rankings?

I did some tests with my existing websites to see how AdSense might have an impact on Google search result rankings.

The site I was using for this test ranked pretty well, for a medium competitive keyword. Roughly 5% of the blog was dedicated to display AdSense ads. The first 4 weeks nothing happened, after 8 weeks the ranking slightly dropped. After the drop in rankings the site went straight to the number one spot in Google.

Continue reading Does AdSense Ads Affect Your Rankings?

Beat AdSense Ban – eBook review

It has been a month now that I opened a new AdSense account and until today (‘touch wood!’) I am not AdSense banned. The method applied by Peter Bergmann in “Beat AdSense Ban” seems to work quite well. I am still surprised by the sneaky methods applied by Google AdSense to ban users.

I think the worst part of being AdSense banned is that you lose control of the situation. Suddenly all your business depends on some retarded customer service agent. In 99.5% of cases they will just decline your AdSense banned appeal without even looking at your individual case.

The information inside this book put me back into the driving seat and back into control. Even if for some reason AdSense should decide to ban my account unfairly again in the future, I know what to do to get AdSense unbanned.

Continue reading Beat AdSense Ban – eBook review